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One of the wonders of technology in this Information Age is that it allows for economies of scale that have never been possible before. It allows for Big Tech companies like Google, Facebook and Apple to scale up to serve billions of people.

But there is a dark side to technology as well.

It allows cyber-criminals to scale up their crimes as well, which massively increases the pay-off. Also, unlike ‘traditional’ crimes like bank robberies, cyber-criminals have a much lower risk of getting caught by authorities. They are often carried out from…

Earlier this month, Apple announced that they will scan their customers’ devices for Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM). That triggered a privacy firestorm that threatens to erode’s reputation for privacy.

But is it possible that this CSAM scanning controversy is a necessary evil that is a precursor to implementing something big that will further enhance Apple’s privacy image?

For starters, scanning cloud storage for CSAM is not controversial. Anyone who uploaded known CSAM into Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, etc will be flagged. Last year, Facebook reported 20 million CSAM images to NCMEC. …

According to Apple, iMessage is secure

Photo by Mauro Sbicego on Unsplash

End-to-end encryption protects your iMessage and FaceTime conversations across all your devices. With watchOS, iOS and iPadOS, your messages are encrypted on your device so they can’t be accessed without your passcode. iMessage and FaceTime are designed so that there’s no way for Apple to read your messages when they’re in transit between devices.

But why do China, Iran and Russia allow iMessage while they ban the others? That is a very curious question and I think I have the answer in this article. …

There are a lot of cryptocurrencies around. Bitcoin is the 800-pound gorilla among them. They all promise that one day, at least one of them will replace national currencies and free the people from centralised government control. This will happen if one day, one of them will be circulating among the population and function as money alongside the national currency.

Since Bitcoin is the largest and most popular among all of them, it is easy to make the bet that it will be the winner of the cryptocurrency race and gain the ascendency to become the people’s money.

But Bitcoin…


What if you notice some mysterious registration sign ups in your WordPress website? It may be a sign of hacker activity…

Recently, WordPress users reported new registrations signing up for their sites even when the option was not made available in the first place. It has been done by switching on the ‘Anyone can register’ option under ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ section in the WordPress admin area. There were clear signs of complete website takeover with very limited control left to the original owners, along with external links that led to suspicious code and sites.

Those behind the hacking attempt clearly understood the importance of targeting the admin aspect of WordPress, crucial as it is to the functioning of the site combined…

A couple of days ago, I noticed that my M1 Mac cannot download any iOS/iPadOS apps listed in the Mac App Store.

For every iOS/iPadOS that I’ve already bought, I clicked on the cloud-download icon, then the swirling cloud animation appeared, then stopped and returned to the cloud-download icon.

Mac apps, however, are unaffected.

If you are experiencing this problem, rest assured that it is not your Mac or your Apple account that is the problem. I’m confident that there’s some issues with Apple’s server.

I’ve identified at least 3 Apple discussion forum threads with this issue:

If you want…

We all heard about Facebook’s nuclear decision to ban all sharing of news in Australia. About 30% of Australians get their news primarily from Facebook. If you one of those, have you heard about a powerful news-gathering technology called RSS?

What is the problem?

In the past, if you want to keep up to date on the various news websites, you need to go to each one of them individually. As you can imagine, with so many websites on the Internet, keeping track of all their updates is a nightmare.

For most people, the most convenient solution is to subscribe to all these news…

Today, Facebook has just made the bombshell decision to ban the sharing of news in Australia. This is what Facebook announced:

In response to Australian government legislation, Facebook restricts the posting of news links and all posts from news Pages in Australia. Globally, the posting and sharing of news links from Australian publications is restricted.

Unfortunately, Facebook’s news ban is done by software algorithms, which inadvertently harmed small businesses. As this ABC news article reported,

Facebook pages of small businesses were also affected.

Sallie Jones from Gippsland Jersey said her dairy business’s Facebook posts had been deleted, and it remains…

We all heard about the Reddit crowd attempting to short-squeeze the silver market. You may be tempted to join in this party, but beware!

The most basic question to ask is this: Will the short-squeeze attempt succeed? If it succeed, then you can stand to make a massive profit. If not, then you will lose some money. Although I think silver is still undervalued right now and is a good long-term investment, I have some reservations about this Reddit short-squeeze attempt.

For this short-squeeze attempt to work, it needs momentum. There needs to be positive feedback loop to suck in…

If you have a Mac that runs the M1 chip, it can only run iOS/iPadOS apps that are listed in the Mac App Store. But what about iOS/iPadOS apps that are not listed in the Mac App Store? Officially, you cannot. The developer of the app have the prerogative to make their iOS/iPadOS app unable to run on a Mac by making it unavailable on the Mac App Store.

But I have figured out a workaround that allows you to run ANY iOS/iPadOS apps on your Mac. Even the ones that are NOT listed in the Mac App Store! And…

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